Want to enjoy heating

September is my favorite month. It was my delivery month, it’s the name of my favorite song (look it up online and that you will love it too! ) and every year the idea signals the change in weather from my least favorite time of year or so (the hot and rainy season) to my favorite period. I love the turning leaves with the trees, and the way planet earth prepares for the big freeze. It never fails to make me happy, and I love making hot chocolate, starting big bon fires, and doing everything it’s too hot for in the summer. I should mention I don’t have an air conditioner around my home, but I do enjoy a good furnace. So this is the period when I can stop sweating myself to sleep nightly in the heat, and get started enjoying the heating of my own central furnace. I used to have a working air conditioner, but it was very old when I moved in, and when it broke I simply was unable to afford to replace it. When I finally had a HVAC contractor come in to look at it, she told me it would cost extra to have the old HVAC unit extracted. The way it was built into the foundation, I must pay a huge fee to have it removed before a new working AC system could be installed. Ever since then, for four years now, I have lived without the need of air conditioning. So when September comes around I know I can overlook the AC and enjoy having a working heater.

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