Want climate control on the plane

I use to be fine with flying.  Being able to see the clouds up close, almost as if I could touch them, would put me at ease.  I like the type of flights that allow me to see all strange kinds of landscapes from up above.  I enjoy watching as the structures and shapes become bigger as I get closer to landing.  Now, however, I dread stepping onto a plane. Being five months pregnant, my belly is getting big and I’m constantly fidgeting and attempting to get comfortable.  Unfortunately, I am being forced to take a last trip before it is considered a health.  My older sister, Beth, is demanding I visit her.  The plane trip wouldn’t be so bad except that I am stuck with the middle seat.  That means I won’t get to use the armrest. I won’t be able to look outside the window, and I’ll struggle to get sufficient airflow from the overhead cooling system. On top of already having to sit in the freezing cold airport terminal. I sincerely wish someone would come up with a better method than the little knobs that all aircrafts are outfitted with. I’m sure if enough people put their heads together, we could come up with a climate control system that would be more effective.  Something closer to the seat would be great.  Then I wouldn’t have to reach so high.  I’d like something more than a vent, that would  be effective at cooling me down without bothering everyone in the entire row. This is just wishful thinking, but I cross my fingers and hope someone will improve the air conditioning systems on airlines.

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