Waiting on a ac repair

Right until recently, I had always lived within an apartment. While I resented paying monthly rent and was often aggravated through the other tenants around me, living in an apartment is incredibly convenient. I was not responsible for the residential upkeep. The parking lot was always plowed and the sidewalks normally were shoveled. The garbage got removed every week, and the elevators ended up being serviced regularly. I didn’t worry when it comes to changing HVAC filters, fixing clogged drains or handling leaky faucets. When something doesn’t work, I simply report it, and the problem was eventually managed. However, repairs did sometimes take quite some time. Last July, when my air conditioner all of the sudden stopped functioning, I immediately reported the challenge to the maintenance department at my apartment building. I was reassured that the HVAC contractor would be called out at once. After two days with no air conditioning, I once again contacted the maintenance department. They promised that an HVAC company was already scheduled to handle the repairs over the following couple of days. I have now been going without a working air conditioner for at least two weeks. The outside temperature is consistently within upper eighties, and the moisture is totally unbearable. My apartment is so overheated i barely sleep at night, and have been forced to schedule three showers a day. I even propped the door to my apartment open, trying to bring in cool air from a hallway. That’s when I decided to begin looking for my very own house. Although handling the household upkeep will be a big responsibility and quite overpriced, I will no longer need to wait for someone else to solve issues.

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