Vet Life Is Cold

I work as a traveling vet for the farming animals in and around our little town. This requires me to be out in the elements sometimes, when an animal falls ill and is not able to be properly stalled. This happened to me recently when a local farmer’s pregnant cow decided to give birth to twins out in the freezing snow. There were complications with the delivery and I thought we might all freeze to death, when the farmer started constructing a tenting enclosure around the birthing area. He then ran a commercial extension cord right through the icy, cold snow and connected a portable heater up inside the covering. It only took a few moments for the heat to start to penetrate the freezing temperatures. I noticed the heated temperatures also helped the birthing cow relax, as she settled down a bit on the cold ground. I still was unsure if any of the animals would survive the the ordeal, even with the makeshift climate controlled birthing tent, but after witnessing the effort the farmer was willing to give for his animals, I knew I had to give it my best shot. Since my hands were no longer so cold I could not feel them, I reached in and spun the first calf a full 180 degrees. The cow was immediately able to give birth and the first calf was born into the warm tent with the heater pumping full blast. The second calf followed suit into the heated environment and all was well with the animals. Maybe I should request heated tenting from all my farming clients.

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