Vacationing without any heater or air conditioner

My wife plus I always take our vacations during the spring season because the weather is so attractive. During our last vacation, we took it during the winter season. We’d never been away from our home during the holiday season, so we wanted to change them. My wife took off the whole week of Christmas, so we drove to the mountains. We live in the south, so seeing the mountainous region is rare. The winter season down south is normally around 60 degrees. During the winter last year, we were sitting poolside, working on our tans. It’s not all that great for skiing, however we appreciate it! Since we’ve never gotten to experience chilly weather, we took our vacation to the mountains. We decided to rent a cabin that was located among a massive winding road. The views from the cabin balcony were amazing. You could see everything for miles and miles. This seemed like the most amazing getaway, until our heating plan stopped now working. We woke up super early in the morning, plus couldn’t believe how the indoor temperatures had changed. The two of us could see our breath lingering within the chilly air. We knew our heat wasn’t working. We both got out of bed plus saw the accumulation on the ground. Apparently, the area had gotten several inches of snow over the evening. We called the realtor as fast as we could, to tell them about the heating problems. Thankfully, this cabin came with a fireplace as well. The windy roads were covered in snow so we had no way of leaving. There was also no way to get someone to service the heating plan during our stay.

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