Vacation rental A/C

Two weeks ago, I took a vacation with my husband and two kids. We hadn’t been on a family trip in over three years, so we were excited to be leaving town for a while. My husband rented a condo one block from the beach, and we planned on relaxing on the coast all week. I didn’t look at the condo before we left, and I trusted that he chose a good place. Upon arrival, the house looked great. It had three bedrooms and a huge front porch. However, when we got inside, we found that the appliances were outdated and the cooling system was a window unit air conditioner. When we turned it on, we found that is was loud, and the air vents were so small that we had no idea how it was going to cool the entire space. After unpacking our things and waiting a few minutes, the a/c continued running. We realized that it was only blowing warm air, so my husband called the property manager. The property manager apologized but told us that the maintenance staff wouldn’t be able to come for two days. We were all upset. We decided to go to the beach, but when we returned, we found that we couldn’t fully relax without being able to turn the air conditioner to a comfortable level. My husband and I decided that we would stay for the week, but we would ask for some money back from the rental agency. They told us that they wouldn’t be able to issue a refund. Needless to say, we won’t be using this house or this rental agency in the future.

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