Using Old Air Conditioner

When I moved out of my parents’ house and into my first apartment, I was so darn excited. I do not think I have ever been that excited about something. I could not wait to have my own space. I could make a huge mess or clean the apartment every day if I wanted to. I was excited to buy some cute fall decor and decorate it as I wanted. Because I was only 18, I could not afford to furnish it with new items. I got my grandmother’s old sofa and sitting chair. My parents’ gave me their old tube television. However, the worst thing I got was an old rusty window air conditioning unit from my Uncle Bob. I knew that I would need an air conditioner, however I could not afford a new one. Air conditioners are surprisingly expensive! So Uncle Bob tried to help me out. He had this air conditioner sitting in his garage for the last 7 years. It was in terrible shape, but it did work. For this I was happy. The air conditioner did a decent job in cooling down my tiny bedroom. It got me through the hottest part of the summer season. But when the air conditioner started making loud noises during the night, I knew that the lifespan of the air conditioner was coming to an end. I continued to use it because I did not want to purchase another one. But every night I expected the air conditioner to stop working. I just hoped that the air conditioner would not start on fire.

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