Using ac with smoke

I once dated this manchild named Brandon whose parents had a super cool house. They lived in a somewhat expensive area, and owned a gorgeous lake house that was filled to the brim with fun extras. It had a kickass bar in the basement and a ton of guest rooms, so they had big parties all the time. In a word, these were true celebration people. I was always amazed at the temperature control they had indoors, which kept their lake house super cool all of the time. They ran their air conditioning always, which was a good improvement from my own stuffy home, where every one of us only got to use AC if it was above 92 degrees. Staying there felt so comfortable, and I loved sleeping in the cool air conditioning, however I thought it was awkward to stay over with his parents. The other interesting thing was that his parents were both avid cigarette smokers, and they usually did so indoors. Yet somehow their air quality wasn’t affected by their dirty smoking habit. They managed this by having an intense air filtration plan installed on their expensive HVAC unit. There was a separate air filtration component that connected to their massive central heating and cooling ventilation, so since they ran the air conditioning all the time anyways, and that way the air was really filtered at the same time. It was amazing! You walked in and experienced the wonderfully cool, air conditioned air, but there was no smell from the cigarettes because their yucky smoke particulates were all removed as the indoor air circulated. I appreciate to guess it was healthier, too!

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