Upgrading school with HVAC zone control

One of the best upgrades that our school has ever made was upgrading their Heating plus A/C system. The Heating plus A/C plan that the school had previously was an outdated plan that both of us kept simply because the school did not have enough funding to replace the Heating plus A/C unit, and finally, last semester, both of us held a large fundraiser to do away with the old Heating plus A/C component plus the HVAC duct too. The kids all sold candy, discount books, plus cookies to make the funds. They were really quite happy about the fundraiser, so they raised a good deal of funds, more than both of us expected. With the money that they raised, the school board was able to install a brand current lavish Heating plus A/C plan plus HVAC duct. I was unquestionably thrilled that both of us got a current Heating plus A/C system, although I was super happy when I found out that the school had gotten a zone Heating plus A/C system. With a zone Heating plus A/C system, each particular area gets its own thermostat so that each teacher can have her favorite indoor temperature. This is nice for instructors appreciate me, who have littler classes plus therefore do not need the air conditioner turned up as much as other teachers who have large numbers of students. With the zone Heating plus A/C, our learning environment has really saved a good deal of funds each month on our utility bill. With the extra money, both of us have replaced other items in the school that needed to be updated. I  earned a current desk chair plus file cabinet Last year because of the funds with saved with our zone Heating plus A/C unit. Zone Heating plus A/C has been a lovely little blessing to our school.

HVAC zone control