Updating the house with Central Heating and Cooling

My husband and I differ on many things, but then we balance each other out in other areas, which is then our strong suit. He is the breadwinner if you will, but he’s very respectable about my job as a stay at home. He never minimizes it and supports me in all I do for our family. So, recently, I have been updating the house, as it’s a very old victorian and we have been living in rural conditions for over ten years. The kids are all off to college and it seemed like a good project to distract me. The remodeling of furniture, painting and such is easy, but the deeper things like finding a new and appropriate HVAC system will drive one mad. I wasn’t sure what kind of central heating and cooling we wanted, let alone needed now that it was just my husband and I in this big house. We knew we weren’t ready to sell the house, but heating and cooling every room seemed very wasteful for energy and efficiency. So, after an assessment on our overall heating and cooling needs proved helpful as I was so unaware of the new types of heating and cooling on the market. So, we love the idea of zone control, where we can actually set the temperatures in each room, especially rooms we aren’t even using. But, I love the idea of radiant flooring in an old hardwood floor victorian. How blissful to step out of bed onto warm, toasty floors! I decided on a combination and while I was at it had the entire unit serviced, cleaned and finally felt a sense of peace with such a big decision!

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