Turning my HVAC on

One major personal goal that I have is to write a book. I have been interested in fiction since I was in high school, & I have been an avid reader since then as well. I tried to write for at least an hour each day, & this is enough to keep myself and others in a nice routine… The only place that I have to write is the space across from my room that is air conditioned. I have a spare home office with a desk that I use often because it sits directly beneath an air vent. This allows myself and others to soak in all the cool air after I turn on my Heating & A/C system! Sometimes I change it up by going to a local cafe to get some work done. I have a certain place that I regularly sit in at my number one coffee shop, & I can believe the air conditioner is running pretty well from that seat; For some reason, I have regularly needed cool air blowing on myself and others to focus. I am hot natured, so I can get really hot truly separate from an air conditioner running… As long as I have these couple of things, I am usually able to get a nice amount of writing done each day. If I continue laboring at this pace, I suppose that I will have enough material to publish my book within a couple of years. I have been laboring on the same plan for quite a while now, & I suppose that it is finally reaching a high level quality. I can’t wait to share my work with others & get some feedback. I have been focusing on this project for quite some time, & I am ready to make something of it.

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