Tuning-up my heating and air


I’ve always lived in a small town. I find it to be quite charming, and I love knowing all of my neighbors by name. I am a sucker for not having to worry about the crime, busy streets, and constant traffic. There are a few downsides to having a home in a small town. We only have one pick of grocery store and one propane gas station. It makes it extremely tough to boycott, when there is nowhere else to shop. I am struggling at the moment, because our heating system is acting up. There are but two different HVAC companies who will come to our little city. One of them is very costly, and so I decided to call the other company. The heating repair technician appeared thirty minutes late for the scheduled appointment. He had zero apology, and tried to blame the problems on traffic. I would not be so aggravated, but he came looking unkempt with his hair uncombed and shirt untucked. He took multiple cigarette breaks in a matter of thirty minutes while he was inside of my property. When I called the heating company to complain of the service, they blew me off, and didn’t seem to worry about my concerns. The heating system didn’t even get fixed, and I still had to pay a hundred dollars out of pocket for the bill. Now my only option is to call the other heating company and hope they will give me a discount on their outrageous prices. I guess it’s obvious why the other company can charge such a small amount for their offerings. I wish there were a few online reviews warning me in advance of this company.

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