Trying to get a new heater

   This is my first year in my new home, I moved in at the end of last summer actually.  When winter had hit I was unprepared for how unevenly my house would stay heated here.  The living rooms were all cold as could be, one bathroom was even really warm while the other bathroom was incredibly cold.  Half of the dining room was rather comfortable and even hot while the other half was chilly and drafty.  During our several Wintertime Storms last year I was certainly just forced to crank up the heat over and over again just to make my house was somewhat comfortable, but with that came a high utility bill.  This year with Wintertime quickly approaching I decided to have my Heating and A/C serviceman come out to the house and service my heating plan to make sure everything was in perfect working order.  The serviceman told me that my heating plan was in superb working condition she could not find any concerns with it, other then every one of us needed a brand new filter which she was even just kind enough to change for me without being asked once.  When I had described to him all the concerns  I had last Wintertime with my house heating unevenly she asked me if I had ever thought about just upgrading to a nice smart thermostat.  I told him I wasn’t sure what one was actually, so she took the time to sit down with me then and to go over everything about it with me entirely.  She explained that the thermostat there would simply connect to my homes WIFI and I could control the settings right from my iPhone at any time.  Not only that but I could also control what rooms I was heating when so I would not have to spend money to heat rooms that no one was using at that time!  I was instantly very interested in upgrading my system, I had even loved the method of being able to control where my own heat was going and that I would not have to spend money to heat the unused rooms.  I set up an appointment time with him for the following week to have my heating plan updated.  I can not wait for my brand new oil furnace!

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