Trying to ban AC use in the house

Whenever I begin to think of my teen years, I realize how much things have changed, and yet nothing has changed.  The kids today aren’t as naive as I was, but then maybe I was one of the few that were naive.  I grew up in the sixties, bombarded with Flower Power, Make Love Not War, and Give Peace A Chance.  I wore the large bell bottoms, and flowers in my hair, and a peace sign choker around my neck.  I just never had the need to follow a crowd and I did my own thing.  I am still that way, and so are my grandchildren.  My one granddaughter has decided to make a movement of her own.  She is actually trying to ban air conditioning use for certain hours of the day.  She told her mother that she is too wasteful.  In actuality, it is nothing more than the energy saving tricks we all use, but it is new to younger kids who are being made aware of energy conservation, in school.  At nine, she can be quite a force to reckon with.  She has hung up signs around the house, and written a plan for the family, and a schedule.  Whether or not they will listen I don’t know, but they are trying.  She came to my house the other week, and kissed my cheek and said I was doing a good job.  I didn’t know why but I thanked her.  There was  a HVAC truck in our yard because we were having our AC serviced before summer began.  She was so proud of us for making sure we were energy conscious, that she made us blue ribbons to hang around our bed posts.