Trying an air purifier

My friend Maggie loves to use new recipes, but she is not the greatest chef. Maggie can burn everything that she makes. We joke that she should just get rid of her smoke detector. The smoke detector goes off daily seeing that she burns a dish frequently. None of us are actually concerned about an actual fire. Maggie’s birthday is coming up though and I have to get her a gift. I dreamed about getting her a new cookbook or maybe a less sensitive fire alarm. But I do believe I have a better strategy. I think I am going to get her an air unit. You see when she melts away her dish, the smoke and stinky odor fills the air. Opening windows and using the air conditioner helps out alot. It takes forever to get rid of the smell of burnt toast. Also Maggie wants to cook weird items like seafood and fish has an odor that sticks around. The air purification system would remove the odors in the air quality. What is great is to get a purifier that can either be its very own separate device of set up inside AC system. I think it could be great to have the quality of clean air right with our air conditioning system. She always turn the A/C on when cooking anyway. The air conditioner will cool the kitchen and the air purifier will minimize the weird odors. A really thoughtful gift right? I know isn’t very girly or fun, but I love the idea. Hopefully my lady Maggie likes it too.

air purifier