tripped and fell on the ac

I worked very hard to get where I am today, or rather, where I was before a few moments ago. I was just let go from my position as a HVAC technician. It was not because I wasn’t good at fixing HVAC systems, and I never was late or missed work. I was on time and was great at diagnosing the matter and fixing it. There was one problem I could not fix, however. This is because it is a part of my personality! I have terrible balance, and my hand to eye coordination makes me look drunk. It is not my fault, but it is very unfortunate. More than once I’ve broken an HVAC unit thanks to these problems. One time, I broke an air conditioner as a result of falling on it! This very nice couple had bought a new air conditioner and spent top dollar. My partner and I were carrying the machine inside to install it in the basement when I tripped down the stairs and tumbled down atop the air conditioner. I was mortified because as a result, the unit failed to turn on. Of course the couple got a replacement air conditioner at no additional cost to them, but the old one had been completely ruined and the company was out of pocket because of me. After the fourth time I broke an HVAC unit, the company had enough of my clumsiness. I will find a job that only involves sitting at a desk! Maybe then I will keep my job.

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