Traveling is expensive-heating and cooling

My boyfriend and I have always enjoyed exploring different parts of the country. We have seen almost every state in the union, except for Alaska and Hawaii. Sometimes we rent a car and go for a daily drive, and then other times, we spent a week or more at different locations,. We have recently been planning to take a trip to the central part of south america, and that means saving a lot of extra money. Since we will be out of the country, we have to plan to have more money than usual. One of the biggest ways that we have starting saving money, was by lowering the temperature on the thermostat at home. Our heating and cooling bills have always been reasonable, but we can save a few extra dollars by really watching our thermostat. Instead of keeping the thermostat set to 72 degrees during the summer months, we adjusted the thermostat to 74 degrees. Those two degrees really makes a difference, because our air conditioner is running less constantly. Since the air conditioner is not running as often, we are saving about ten percent each month on our utility bills. It’s only a few dollars, but those extra bits of money add up quickly. We are hopeful to be able to take our next vacation in about six months. We should have enough funds saved by then, to make our trip very enjoyable. We are hoping to be able to visit overseas in the next few years, but that might mean we will have to go without air conditioning altogether.  

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