Traveling and no air conditioning

Growing up, I always wanted a life of travel and adventure. I would dream of exploring new and exciting places. I wanted to see the entire world. Now, I’m a little older and have done quite a bit of traveling. I have to say, the more I see of the world, the more I appreciate home. I’ve been all over the world, and I have to admit that we have it pretty good here. My biggest complaint is definitely the lack of air conditioning in most of the world. Air conditioning is definitely something that you take for granted in the modern world. I just assumed that most places would have A/C. I didn’t expect to find air conditioning in underdeveloped countries, but it was hard to find even in. Even in more developed countries, like Morocco, air conditioning is not in all buildings. Although most countries I’ve visited don’t rely on air conditioning as much as we do here, they have invented primitive cooling systems to keep cool. For example, in Morocco, the home I stayed in didn’t have a roof. They relied on the breeze outside to cool the home rather than the air conditioner. They did have a cover for the roof in the event of rain, but most nights, I could look up and see the stars. They also used the makeshift roof cover as a heating system, covering the roof on cooler nights to keep the cold air outside. It was interesting to see a variety of ways to deal with the elements, but I think good old air conditioning is the way for me.

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