Trapped with AC in the car

I have lived on the west coast in the southern part of the country where the weather may be scorching 99% of the year. And to make matter worse you can find yourself sitting in traffic daily. I loathe traffic. On really hot days combined while dealing with horrid traffic, I dream of moving to a tiny little town. I just want drive to the grocery store within just five minutes and be back at my house in ten! My car is an old car, but the one thing I make certain to check is my air conditioning. I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like if I was on those hot freeways without having any cooling system to keep me company. I check the coolant very often, and when I service my car I ask them to clean out the air filter, check the ductwork and if needed replace faulty hose connectors. The temperature control is pretty accurate and stays cool typically, but recently I could tell it was starting to die. I would turn it on and it would take up to ten minutes to even feel the cool air coming out of the vents! I was getting very worried. I took it into the auto shop and asked them to look into the entire cooling system to see what the problem was, but sadly there would be nothing he could do. My vehicle model is so old that I can’t even replace the sections anymore. It wasn’t even about replacing the system, if I wanted an air conditioner I was going to need to buy an entirely new car.

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