While sitting in traffic, I usually do a lot people watching. There is not much more to do while I wait, however, it seems everyone comes to work, as well as leave at the same time. With limited ways home, I am always stuck watching. I have noticed there are several older cars on this stretch of the highway. I am not sure why that is, but it allows me to be thankful for my newer modeled car. The temperatures outside have risen to the high nineties as well as the humidity around here can make it feel almost over a hundred degrees. Occasionally I watch as an older car pulls up near mine with the windows rolled down. The people inside are drenched while looking totally irritated. All the while, I sit relaxed inside of our new SUV with the air conditioner turned down low, however, my air conditioner gets so cold, I don’t even run it on full blast when the temperature is a hundred degrees outside. When my partner sits in our SUV, they always demands I turn the air conditioner higher than the lowest settings, turning the all of the air conditioner vents in their direction. I used to wonder if I am paying too much for our SUV, but after I became aware of what our ride would be like without this awesome air conditioner it easily changed my mind. I think I will keep this SUV as long as it is sizzling outside while I need to ride in the cool A/C. After the heat is gone, maybe I will give it up.

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