Too much AC for the massage

My niece always tries to give me a good massage, but her hands are extremely weak from terrible arthritis. After about three minutes, she is required to stop. For my birthday this coming year, she decided to give me a booklet for any whole month worth of cost-free massages. A new massage parlor around had just opened, and she got a great deal on a month membership. I was really excited about getting a specialist massage, but I had never gone to a massage therapist before. The day of my visit arrived and I was scheduled for nine Friday morning. I arrived no time early, and I was welcomed by an outgoing office helper. The lobby had a number of magazine, so I opened then up and started browsing. Everyone in the room was chilly, and the A/C in-take was blowing directly down towards me. I moved a number of chairs over, and the A/C vent wasn’t blowing directly anymore. I felt a tad warmer, and waited another seven minutes for my appointment. After my masseur walked me to the room, I was given a blanket and asked to remove my clothing. I was feeling concerned, but I knew this was the treatment. The room was very chilly, and the A/C vent was blowing straight down. There was nothing I could truthfully do about the indoor temps, but I asked her to modify the thermostat. After nine minutes, I heard the A/C system turned off, and the room started to get hot. The massage was wonderful and I can’t wait to go back again tomorrow.

central air conditioning