Too Hot Onstage

I learned how to play guitar about 2 years ago. I had always wanted to do it, and was so proud of myself once I learned how to play. Because I am a great singer, I wanted to play guitar and sing at local coffee shops and cafes to earn some extra money. I did not want to get famous like so many other people. I just wanted to share my gift with the world. Last Friday I performed at my very first show. It was at a semi-popular cafe in town. This cafe is known for having live music acts every weekend. I was fortunate enough to get a spot. I was very nervous. I tried keeping my cool by breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth. When it was my turn to go onstage, I was a mess. I felt really sweaty. Once I got up on stage, I started playing. I was sounding better than I expected. However, I felt really hot. I wondered to myself as I sang and played my guitar, did the cafe have their air conditioner running? Did their air conditioner break down right before my set? Would I pass out up here if I continued to grow warm? After my first song, the audience burst into applause. I immediately felt better, but I was still sweating like crazy. I hoped that as my set progressed that I would start to feel cooler. I also hoped that I would begin to feel the cool air from the air conditioning system. That never happened, but I did not pass out on stage.

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