Tired of the HVAC problems

I oftentimes wonder if I can survive another day in this “adult” world. There are so many responsibilities that I never imagined when I was growing up. I constantly have bills to pay, cleaning to do, and you never know when something in your home is going to need repairs. In some ways I wish I could go back to my carefree days where going to school and hanging out with friends on the weekend was all I had to think about. My parents always made managing a household seem like it was no big deal. Now, I not only have the responsibilities of my house, but I have a very stressful job as well. Recently, I learned that my HVAC system in my home is in need of replacement and I must face dealing with that. We began to notice that our HVAC system had been running a lot more than usual and I was consistently reminding the kids to keep the doors and windows shut throughout the day. I thought that might have been the problem but when that didn’t make a difference, I knew that we needed to bring in a repair person.  I was worried about the cost of repairs, however, I knew that I needed to have it done to not only save on energy costs but bring some peace back to the house.  The kids were always stressed because I was yelling about the air conditioner running.  I was surprised at how affordable the new system was and at how it was going to cut my energy costs by as much as 30%.  I was sorry I hadn’t called sooner because it was an easy installation and now we have a quiet and peaceful home again.

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