Tinkering with our thermostat

I was blessed to experience a job interview for my dream job just a few short weeks ago. Even a lot better than the interview was the fact that I was given the employment! It had been my dream to be an advocate for homeless people and I was finally being given the opportunity to do just that. The interview will always be remembered, however. The HVAC system was dealing with some major difficulties the morning of my interview. The temperature in the building was absolutely freezing! The ductwork felt like it was stuffed with block after block of ice. During my interview, the manager of the homeless shelter got up to attempt an adjustment of the thermostat. We waited in the terrible cold needing the heating system to turn on, but nothing happened. The heating system was being very stubborn. The manager decided it was necessary to call an HVAC technician. He had to worry because of all the homeless people who slept there. The heating system was a bare necessity! The HVAC technician got a chance to get to the shelter relatively quickly and began his inspection of the heating and cooling system. He found a fault with the air conditioner and the thermostat as well. Anticipating an issue such as this, the HVAC technician was able to fix them both relatively fast. He finished fixing the thermostat and air conditioner before sitting down with the manager to let him know of the importance of regular HVAC system repair. The air quality of a building is important, especially in a place catering to the homeless. The manager thanked that HVAC technician, and we returned to our interview!smart thermostat