Throwing money out the window

Sometimes owning a home can be painful. I say this because of the constant repairs and upkeep that my husband and I had to do on her home. There have been times after a long weekend of heavy yard work or repairs around the house that we feel like we have been beat up and every muscle in our body aches. It still seems worth it most of the time but sometimes I wish I could just hire someone to do the work. There is a second kind of pain that comes with being a homeowner and that is the pain that you feel in your wallet each time you get your energy bills. It is amazing to me how much they have increased over the past couple of years so we try to do as much as we can to keep everything up to date. We make sure to have our annual maintenance done on a HVAC system so that it is running as efficient as possible, and change the air filter on a regular basis. Even with all of our efforts it seems that our energy bills were creeping up each month and so we decided to have an energy assessment done on our home. When the assessment was complete the technician informed us that much of our heat and air conditioning was escaping through the aging windows in our home. This was the one area that we had never really addressed because when we first bought the house, about 15 years ago, the windows had been new. I am very thankful that we had this assessment done and highly recommend anyone contacting their HVAC dealer to do this too.

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