This system costs a lot

We grew up in an portion of the country where it snowed like mad every winter. The temperatures would drop to an absolutely frigid level for almost a three months straight. One of the most vivid memories was having snowball fights with neighborhood friends and family. We enjoyed building snow forts and snowmen with them too. We had such an enchanting childhood. Some months were challenging though. When the heating and cooling system wasn’t functioning adequately we would freeze bad! We were fortunate enough to possess a fireplace, so at least the family room would stay warm in all those frigid times. But without the hot air coursing through the ductwork, other household rooms had a very bad quality of air. My uncle was an HVAC technical assistant, so during those cold times he come over and tried hard to fix our heating and cooling system. He was successful more often than not, but there was one time when he told us we needed to replace the heating and cooling system. We needed to purchase a new furnace, thermostat, and air conditioner. We even were forced to replace all the ductwork! That was a truly terrible year for our family because heating and cooling system replacement costs tons and tons of money. But we had absolutely no choice. My family sucked it up, and paid the cash. Luckily, since my uncle was a HVAC technical assistant, we didn’t need to pay money for his labor. We only needed to pay for the furnace itself, thermostat, air conditioner, and ductwork. It could have been substantially worse if we didn’t have an HVAC technician in the family.HVAC technology