This new air conditioner is great

I recently started going online to manage my mortgage instead of a personal accountant This reminds of the complications of the modern world that we all have to manage. It’s like my air conditioner with my home. It is constantly malfunctioning, and I’ve got to get my HVAC provider out to my home to refurbish it. Back in the day, we didn’t have central air conditioning. Believe it or not we used an air conditioner that you would fit under a window or in a window. If it malfunctioned, you’d just throw it away and buy a new air conditioner. I know that we all enjoy the current privileges, like having a smart thermostat or zone control for the AC unit. It is nice to dial in the temperature in a room in your house from a remote location. But do we really need to have the luxury of  adjusting our home heating and air conditioning settings in a remote location? After all, it is just one more thing that can break and as a result complicate our lives. I have a window air conditioner in my home office, and I have a remote control for it. Now really, are we all too lazy to get up and turn the air conditioner on? The problem with the handheld remote control for the air conditioner is that you know it’s really a matter of time before the batteries in it run down or you misplace it. Then you are left to attempt to understand the cryptic symbols relating to the face of the A/C unit to help you to simply turn the unit on or off, much less alter the temperature. Sometimes I wonder if the modern conveniences are worth that!

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