This means my furnace should turn on

I take karate in the finished basement of a boutique hotel operation. The hotel is a modest one with just 16 rooms. In addition, the rooms are still set as a standard hard key operation. The karate studio is much more modern. The flooring is padded and there are various bags around to hit. Also there’s a ton of different equipment to use as well as a rope ring in which to spar. I just wish that the karate studio had a better cooling system. Since the studio is found in a basement, they don’t make use of a fancy cooling system. This basement naturally keeps it chillier. However, the air quality is really starting to become a problem. The basement is damp and musty. The studio really needs to handle the excess moisture levels that negatively affect their indoor air quality. The dampness makes my muscles super tense. Also the humidity makes me feel fatigued and sweat more. The karate studio definitely needs to get a dehumidifier. Most dehumidifiers are part of air conditioner systems. The air conditioner turns on and as the air circulates, the dehumidifier works to naturally remove moisture. You don’t really need to get an air conditioner for this indoor air quality. You can just purchase a portable dehumidifier to remove moisture in your air. A portable dehumidifier is not expensive and it hardly takes up any space. I am tempted to purchase one for the karate studio considering that moisture causes such a difficulty for me. I can’t stand the awful air quality for my hour-long lessons. Something needs to change and soon.

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