This is therapeutic

A couple of times a month I need to go to the laundromat down the block to do my laundry.  During the spring and the fall when the weather is nice, I will take a walk while I am waiting for my clothes to wash.  It’s a great day for me and I look forward to it.  In the winter and summer, the weather can be too harsh to be outside walking.  There is a coin-operated massage chair, that is worth every quarter that you place in it.  It costs about six quarters, but you get fifteen minutes of sheer joy from it.  The climate control system in the laundromat is possibly the best climate control I have ever experienced.  I guess I was the snob type who thought that a laundromat was dark and dank, but this one has the finest HVAC system that I have ever experienced.  This HVAc system is complete with a purification system which is easily noticeable, because there is never the odor of the clothing or detergent.  The air is fresh and clean.  The heating and cooling equipment is also virtually silent.  I really don’t mind paying the few extra dollars to do my laundry in that establishment.  It is worth every penny to have the clean surroundings and great atmosphere they have created.  I’m sure that it must have cost a bundle to put a HVAC system that is fit for the Queen mother, into the laundromat.  I almost hate to go back to my apartment, because my home HVAC is no rival for this one.  

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