This is the project we needed to work on

Throughout the fall semester, I am guilty of telling myself that I will work on a project while both of us were in the summertime, but clean out our closet? Summertime. Trim the bushes? I’ll get to it while both of us were in the summertime. Set up our file cabinet? When I have extra time in the summertime. Put up a gallery wall? Maybe in the summertime. Plan a menu? I’ll start in the summertime. Replace our a/c unit? It’ll wait until the summertime! The problem is that our summertime is particularly short, plus I have piled up so several projects for myself that there is no way that I can get them done in more than five weeks! I sat down at the start of summertime plus tried to prioritize them all. The first a single that I needed to do was replace our air conditioning unit! At our Heating plus A/C tune-up appointment last Winter season, the Heating plus A/C supplier told myself and others that our Heating plus A/C machine was on its last leg, plus that our a/c might not make it through the summertime without dying. At the time, I did not have the money or time to get it replaced, so I just put it on the summertime project list. Now, though, I am easily sad that I will be stuck without air conditioning, so I guess that I needed to get this replaced. I still have the phone number for the Heating plus A/C supplier I use, so I will supply them a call this week. Hopefully, I can get our air conditioning machine replaced suddenly. At least a single item on our summertime to-do list will be complete!

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