This is the kind of weather you can jog in

Every morning I require a 45-minute jog. I’ve been doing this for about 2 years now, and it has become such a regular routine that I can’t fathom not running. My morning run makes me feel energized and ready to consider the day. Since I commenced running, I’ve realized that I feel much healthier and I have lost a very good bit of weight. The only thing that has ever stood in the way of me getting a good job in was the elements. Some mornings when it was raining or when it was entirely too hot to go outdoors, I resorted to exercising inside of my residence. I bought a treadmill and placed it in my spare bedroom making sure that I could exercise in an air-conditioned space when it was too hot for me to go for a nice jog. Although I would prefer to be outdoors, I’m sure that I can only take the heat for so long during the summer months. I don’t want to risk dehydrating or having a heatstroke, so I opted for exercising around my climate-controlled house when this becomes a real issue. An A/C really has been a lifesaver for me. If not for my HVAC system, I probably would not be able to stay fit in the warm months. I live in a part of the nation that experiences 90 degree temperatures regularly during summer, and that’s not good weather to go running in. Thankfully I have the space to keep my treadmill indoors making sure that I can stay in my routine when the weather is not great for exercising outdoors.

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