This is quite the situation

Last evening I went out to have dinner with some friends and I ended up having a pretty sour experience. I was looking forward to catching up with them because I hadn’t seen them in multiple weeks, but we chose the wrong restaurant to meet up at. It was a place that none of us have been to but because we heard that the food was good we decided to try it out, but were disappointed. The dining room was not air conditioned at all, so we were forced to have our dinner in a hot dining room. When we asked the waitress why there was no air conditioning in there she told us that it was an old building that had not been renovated. I don’t know how any diner could expect to keep their doors open without the dining area having an air conditioner. I for one know that I will not be going back to that diner. My friends and I spent the evening trying to talk about upcoming plans plus old memories, but we couldn’t get past the fact that there was no functioning cooling system. The people I was with and I ate our dinner very quickly so that we could get out and we all ended up going our separate ways. If that diner expects to stay in business for long they unquestionably need to reconsider their entire model. They need to have the HVAC plan extended to cool the dining area. If I were the owner that would have been the first thing I did when I purchased the building.A:C tune-up