This is one big HVAC unit

I’ve been working at my company for 18 months, and this job is getting burdensome. Most of my work hours are spent in a boring cubicle where I work on my computer and answer the phones. Things have started to feel petty and tiresome. The only good thing is that I get paid well, and I need the money to repay my college debt. I am hoping to make due for another six months  at this position, and later, I would like to find something better. My office is situated in the oldest office building in town, and I don’t think it has been updated in twenty years. The floors are badly worn, and the walls have stains on them. The lights take several minutes to turn on, and it’s nearly impossible to find a working electrical outlet. Perhaps the HVAC unit is the worse that all of the other issues. It’s an outdated rooftop system and it is so loud that I often have trouble concentrating. Our huge windows allow in a low of light that keeps the building hot during the summer. Our unit is not suited for this.. It runs incessantly, I stay hot, and my clothes are usually sticky. There is a huge amount of condensation on the windows as well. This has caused a severe mold problem. As summer passes, those same windows become frigid, and we have to take time away from work to defrost the glass. Because the heating system is so unpredictable and spotty, there are hot and cold spots all throughout the building. The heat is blocked by the ceiling, and we have insufficient humidity. Winter causes dry air, and everything we touch gives us static shock.

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