This is not my friend

When I say that I adore my friends & family, I actually mean it. I would do almost anything for them, including offer my life; The only thing I would not do, is harm one of my friends or family. I ran into this dilemma recently, & I am about to take the law into my own hands…

         My buddy & my sibling started dating more than two years ago. They had a great relationship, but it eventually ended badly. My buddy had the audacity to ask me to steal back my sibling’s necklace that she had given him as a present. I refused, so she took things into her own hands, broke into our home & stole not only the necklace, but another valuable possesion of my sibling’s. To top it all off, she told my sibling that I had agreed to her plan & that I was the one who had robbed him. He believed her at first but now he has come to her senses & has realized she was the culprit in this situation.

           So we have come up with a scheme for revenge. For the past year or so she has been saving up for a new Heating & A/C system, & last week she finally had it delivered & installed by our local Heating & A/C corporation. Tonight while she is away,, my sibling & I will go to her house & wreck this new Heating & A/C unit; Not a gas furnace or cooling system will come out intact!

We are perhaps being petty, but no one hurts my friends or family & gets away with it; Wrecking a cooling system & gas furnace may not seem like much of a comeback, but she is really happy about this new Heating & A/C system. I hope she learns her lesson!

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