This is important

I have fibromyalgia.  It is a really common ailment, but there really isn’t a lot known about it.  It is a disease that attacks the nerve endings and it makes them hypersensitive.  Extreme heat and  cold can cause excruciating and debilitating pain.  I have been told that it is all in my head.  Some people tell me that it is just an excuse to get out of work.  A lot of people feel that if you can’t see the effects of the disease, then it can’t be real.  I live in the south where the heat can’t be horrible, at times.  I’ve found that if I sit in the air conditioning, it tends to lessen the pain of the fibromyalgia.  I’ve considered moving up north, but the doctor said that I would still need my air conditioning in the summer, but I would need to have a really reliable heating system to keep me warm.  My sister has multiple sclerosis.  Although  my disease isn’t life threatening, I am beginning to understand how she feels when it gets too hot or too cold.  Whenever I walk into her house, I can hear the air conditioning running.  It always seemed to be a little too cool for me, but as the fibromyalgia progressed, I began to understand why the air conditioning was set as it was.  I know there are times when the fibromyalgia flares are so bad, that I sit in a darkened room and try to will the pain away, while the air conditioning does its job.  Now I understand how not just my sister feels with a good HVAC system, but also millions of other women who are afflicted with such diseases.A:C system