This is how I like to do things

I hate surprises. I prefer my life to be ordinary as well as predictable because it keeps my mind calm. When things go differently I get very hot-headed, as well as it takes me a while to calm down as well as address the situation correctly. That was exactly the case when I returned to my apartment from my job recently and found out that our A/C had erupted. It was easily 100 degrees outside that day. Walking from the office to my car was torture. I was so cheerful to be inside my vehicle with the A/C pumping the entire way home, however, I dreaded stepping outside into the heat again. It was after I walked in the front door I came to find that it was even hotter inside my apartment than outside, with no ventilation. The air was tepid as well as stale, and there seemed to be no air flow at all. The control unit wasn’t causing the A/C unit to be responsive, as well as I didn’t hear the usual buzz of the machine when I tried to turn the temperature down. Aggravated by the heat, I started to scream out for a few moments in complete frustration. I went outside as well as kicked the A/C, which was clearly beyond repair. When I calmed down enough I set out to call out a highly recommended Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C supplier that was in the area as well as managed to destress with a nice cold beer while I waited for them to arrive.

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