This is a total nightmare

When i finished highschool, I decided to work in the landscaping field. I loved working with my hands, and I had some friends who had chosen a similar career path. Landscaping was a lot of fun, and I became really proficient at tree artistry. I worked for some years, until I was offered an awesome job in another state. One of the southern states were looking for a tree trimmer, and I requested information for the position. I was really excited to move, even though it meant a real change in my life. I had never lived anywhere except in the north, and I wasn’t really prepared for the southern heat and humidity. I really wasn’t prepared for the outdoor weather, but the indoor heat was terrible. I constantly used the A/C unit, which caused me to have very high electric bills. I had to keep the A/C functioning constantly, which wasn’t great for the A/C system. Even worse, the A/C unit sounded horrible. Each time the motor started running, the A/C unit would shake and sputter. I thought it would come right out of the wall. I’ve been living here for approximately three years so far, and I still haven’t gotten used to the heat and humidity. If it wasn’t for the air conditioner, I would have moved back a long time ago. I enjoy having the ocean close, but I am really starting to miss my siblings. I don’t have any family here, and it can get quite lonely in the evenings.

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