This hardwood flooring helps heat our feet

We adore having hardwood floors within our home. We feel like it gives off a much cozier and cleaner environment. It’s also very simple to dust plus sweep during our busy schedules. The most difficult thing we have to manage in our home, is the heating. It gets harder and harder to hold heat with our hardwood floors. We had no problems when we had carpet. We’ve tried area furnaces out, because they heat only one room at a time which seemed more cost effective. However, we’ve also tried using the central heating system to warm our entire home. It just feels like we’re wasting wasting more energy when we do this. It’s also not as efficient. We’ve been doing some research on hardwood floors for some time now. We’ve been learning about radiant floor heating. It sounds almost too nice to be true, so we’re sure that it will cost a fortune. I decided to call some companies to compare heat pricing, plus ask which type of heating would be best for us. We were pleasantly surprised when a professional came to our home and measured everything. They gave us an estimate and told us that the process was easy. As soon as everything was installed into the entire home, we would notice difference in cost immediately. We weighed all our choices, plus decided to go for it! It took only a few days to install the radiant heating. Interestingly enough, it was one of the easiest installations we’ve ever experienced. Now, it’s two weeks later and our family is in heaven. We love the even heat distribution that we’re finally experiencing. Our first bill comes tomorrow, and I’m very excited to see how much lower it is! I have a good feeling that we made the right decision!

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