This guy must love his air conditioner

My husband Mickey as well as I are going to be venturing down south in a week. Mickey is undoubtedly pumped up as well as can’t wait to live as a crew. Mickey is already picking out a new car, looking at local places to work as well as already talking about what house he wants. I am super scared about living together. I just don’t see us being together undoubtedly well as a pair. For 1, I am super odd as well as I care about to be left by myself. Mickey enjoys to spend every waking day together. Next is that I care about to go on long jogs as well as exercise a ton. Mickey is not a fan of jogging around as well as does not see it as a priority… Lastly Mickey entirely enjoys his air conditioner. I don’t want to be going over to his beach house due to his AC. He respectfully works the air conditioner when he is even sort of hot. I am typically too cold when I am in his place. In the car he has all the windows down as well as the AC blasting on me. I never can take off my coat when Mickey and I go anywhere. I like that I think I can go back to my beach house as well as use my furnace. If Mickey and I live together, I can’t escape the air conditioner. Mickey will literally have AC going all day at our new place. I will typically be cold or he will typically be too warm.

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