This geothermal heat pump information

Last May, we decided it was time to look into new heating options. We were beyond tired of receiving astronomical heating bills to keep our home comfortable in the winter. Not only which, but I worried about the impact our love of heat was taking on the environment.  My fiance and I began exploring heating and cooling options to interchange our traditional HVAC unit that was bordering 30 years old. I discovered geothermal heating and cooling. Installing a geothermal heat pump was an extremely pricey project, but it was subsequently one that was incredibly worth price. In order to install heat pump, we had to select one of three types: water, air, or ground. The most energy efficient geothermal heat pump was the ground style and that was what we selected. In addition to selecting our type of geothermal HVAC, we also had to choose the type of pipes we wanted for the ground heat pump. Thankfully, our property is quite large so my fiance and I were able to purchase horizontal pipes that extended under the ground closer to the surface instead of vertical pipes that are sunk deep into the ground. After soil testing and landscape observation, we could install the geothermal heating and cooling system. The installation process was relatively simple, and our yard did not really look too bad after it was all said and done. Our local HVAC company did amazing work! The best part is that we are now seeing our heating and cooling bills go down by about 60 percent from the cost we had before purchasing our geothermal heating and cooling system.HVAC unit