This furnace is great

Last month, a few good friends and I drove to a local theater to see our friends perform in their recent production of a musical. I’m not really a massive fan of musicals to begin with, but I wanted to support my friends, and I received a complimentary ticket to go. I figured it couldn’t hurt to take a couple of hours out of my week to go and see this show. But oh, was I wrong. When we got to the theater, the first thing I noticed was the lack of warmth in the main system of the entrance hall. There were really high ceilings, and if a furnace was switched on, I couldn’t feel the application. We picked up our tickets at the box office and went to get our seats. The house in the theater felt a bit chilly, as well. I noticed there were a lot of empty seats. I wondered if the low ticket sales made the manager keep the thermostat low so the theater wouldn’t have to pay for as much for heating. To have a theater that large, the heating bill must grow to be pretty steep. When my friends and I found our seats, I was reluctant to remove my coat. I still was not able to feel any hint of a furnace. It felt as though the theater had their air conditioning started. Since I was sitting still so they can watch the show, I could truly feel the cool air from the air conditioning moving across my encounter and exposed arms. I had been freezing! The lack of decent heating and cooling in theater made the experience far more painful than it really needed to be.

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