This air conditioner is humming quite loud

When my mom and dad moved to their new dwelling, they bought a storage storage shed, insulated it, and installed two window Ac units. We hoped to fix it up for them, so when we need it as a sort of guest house. Well, the other afternoon, I walked outside and over heard a really bad noise. My first thought was which it was a rattlesnake, because it sounded exactly like a rattle. But upon closer investigating, I found that it was actually coming from the AC units. I couldn’t imagine why the air conditioners might make that sort of noise, and called my dad over to hear it. He did not have an idea either. So, they decided to call some sort of AC repairman to come and look into the units. The technician ended up being so helpful for us! It took him two minutes to comprehend what was wrong with our air conditioners by just listening. He explained that it was a problem with our moisture build-up or condensation pipe that connected to each unit. From what I can remember to not forget- he told us, the water line wasn’t draining water correctly, developing the bubbling sound all day. All he previously fixed, he said, was moving the pipe a little so any water could drain out regularly. It only took him another fifteen minutes possibly even to adjust the pipes accordingly, and soon both our window air conditioning units were purring along like cutting edge. I’m so glad we have our local AC repair business. Even though the repairman assessed that the concern wasn’t serious, I would rather just understand it and have it fixed than have to hear that rattlesnake noise.

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