this air conditioner has us all too cold

My fiancé and me have possibly not gone on a date in many years. If I’m being honest, I think that it might have been close to three years with out date. I know that my ambitious fiancé has been working considerably. I have been pulling long hours at the job, too. I think we were both really exhausted by the lack of romance in our relationship so when I proposed that the two of us go out and grab dinner, my fiancé readily agreed. I also thought it’d be a nice idea to go to a movie. We had a lovely time on a local steakhouse and were very excited to check out a new movie that had recently come to theaters. It had gotten great reviews. When we arrived at the theater, we grabbed some snacks and found some very nice seats. We were dismayed to uncover, however, that the theater appeared to be experiencing some heating and cooling issues. Once we arrived, the place was stuffy in addition to being severely overheated. The furnace seemed to be blasting away at full speed. Not fifteen minutes into our movie, the furnace sputtered out and the cooling system came on. As if to replace the heating error, the air conditioning began freezing everyone to our seats! My fiancé and I had experienced a very hard time enjoying the movie as a consequence of these furnace and air conditioning troubles. As we left the movie theater, we made sure to tell at least one of the theater employees that their heating and cooling system could certainly use a tune-up!cooling equipment