These people offer very friendly service

My HVAC company happened to run a battle between the men and women who all work at the same establishment. It was set up to be a grand competition, but absolutely a friendly one. Everyone of us work together, but there are several females who work in our HVAC company. We were all ready to have friendly fun at work, as well as know that our pride was definitely at stake. Everyone of us showed up to prove that we were the best, no matter what the conditions would be overall. We made many different HVAC service calls throughout the contest, and all of our sales we’re up for the month. Our HVAC company offered a few specials during the contest, so that all of us could be very busy during the contest. During the first couple of days, I had already replaced three different condenser coils a handful of air ducting repairs, and even upgraded a few thermostats to new smartphone the stats. The HVAC company was making money hand-over-fist, plus most of us had racked up a lot of service calls. By the time the entire HVAC contest was completed we’re up for the month.  My friends in addition to myself have been happy with the results from the competition, and our HVAC company is thinking about having that same contest every single year. Everyone was very happy with the results, and there was more than one way to make sales. The HVAC company that I work for, made a lot of money, and so did all of us technicians.  

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