These issues are tough to understand

As a kid, I sometimes attended a class or two in summer school. You would think it would have been a drag.  It was actually a good place to be because they had air conditioning. I didn’t have air conditioning in our home.  Getting put in summer school, gave me an air conditioned room for the daytime.  My father caught on and bought an air conditioner for my bedroom.  It was really wonderful. He placed an old television in the room for my brothers and I to would watch TV on the hottest days of summer. Our neighbor put in a central air system. This featured a heat pump that was out in the open so we could see it. We used to find a reason to go to his house in the summer until we got our own window unit, and then we just stayed home. We had an electric furnace for the cold winter months. Our neighbor owned an oil furnace and I still have memories of seeing the oil truck block their driveway while it delivered the oil. My father grumbled about the electric furnace being better than oil, because you didn’t have to be bothered with the oil deliveries. Other than that, I think the two furnaces were probably just as good. The central HVAC my neighbor installed was a so much better than our little window unit.  Their house was always so cool during the hot months. Now I own a house and have a new central HVAC and life is really nice.

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