These issues are annoying

It’s definitely never been a habit of mine to find friends in my neighbors. One thing that bothers me is a nosy neighbor who thinks that they may just pop into your house if he or she wants, or stop to chat and take up an excessive amount of your time. This always is very much the case when I am behind schedule. I’ll be getting into my car and the woman across the street will wave and before I can even get in my vehicle, she’ll be right in front of me, talking away. I always make an attempt to see if she is outside before I walk to my car, so I know that I can make a speedy getaway. Yesterday, I was running out to the store, and I didn’t see her anywhere around. But needless to say, as I backed out of my driveway, she was banging on my car window. I could truthfully see that something was surely wrong. Something had happened with her HVAC system and there was water gushing in her garage. I had the number for the HVAC company in my mobile phone, and I called for a desperate appointment. Then, we went to her house and turned off the water. By that period, there was almost a ankle-deep layer of water in her garage. The HVAC technician arrived speedily, and repaired the problem. We could actually turn the water back on then, and her HVAC system had been working perfectly. I decided to remain and help her clean in the garage. Funny, but during that point, I found out that she was someone that I could be friends with.

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