These A/C units are all new

The next step in my air conditioning investigation was to interview each one of my neighbors. While I don’t know much about any of my neighbors, I figured that the most likely suspect would be someone who lived local. It made sense that someone responsible had watched to see when we were not at home. In order to damage my air conditioning system, they would have needed to sneak into my backyard with no one seeing them. After speaking with each of my neighbors, I was able to uncover one small bit of information. The lady who lived down the street from me said that she saw someone standing outside my house a month or more ago. She said that she saw him in passing, and when she went back to look again, he was gone. She told me that she did not think it was a problem at the time, but after she found out what happened to my air conditioning system, she was sorry that she hadn’t mentioned it sooner. I asked her if she’d be willing to give a description of the man to the detective handling my case. She decided to give the description, but I could tell the detective was annoyed as i called him over to receive the information. He told me that it was a bad idea for me to conduct my air conditioning case on my own, as it could lead to me being harmed. I told him that if it was that big of a deal, he should probably get on with investigating it himself.

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