Thermostat likes the furnace on

I’m a reasonably cold person, that’s for sure. There’s rarely a time that I really don’t feel disproportionately cold, in comparison to my peers in any situation or environment. I’m not sure what’s wrong with my body, but it really seems to be not capable of correct temperature regulation naturally. I’m constantly covered in sweatshirts and blankets, even when it’s 90 degrees or warmer. That’s why I was so shocked the day that I felt extremely hot in my home. It was the heart of winter, so I ended up being predisposed to being freezing chilled, as it was. I had heat on, with the thermostat set with a comfortable 68 degrees, when I realized that it appeared to be getting hotter and hotter. At the start it felt really nice, and I was extremely comfortable and happy when I did my house chores and web surfed a bit online, but soon it surpassed the point of being pleasant. I went over and checked over the temperature control unit, but everything seemed just fine. The temperature set point along with readout matched and everything what food was in line, yet the temperature continuing to climb. I turned heli-copter flight heat and waited for things to settle down, but the furnace never stop running. Soon I was drenched within sweat and was actually going outside to cool-down in the 10 degree tundra, returning inside lake was covered in ice! It wasn’t until the very next day that a HVAC repairman said I had a malfunctioning HVAC thermostat. I’m back to increasingly being cold, but at least I’m possibly not being roasted alive.

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