Thermostat at my buddy’s house

I just love summer cookouts!  Our company hosts one every year as a way to say thank you all the employees for a year of hard work.  It is always held at the owner’s place out on the lake.  It is beautiful and I love going there, with one exception, he is always bragging about how much he spent on his latest technological gadget.  This year was no different.  He apparently put in Smart Thermostats throughout the house and kept showing people how he could not control his HVAC system on his smartphone.  It is a really cool concept, but after you have heard him tell people about it seven or eight times, it looses it’s charm. I found myself wondering though about the technology itself.  I am sure that these type of thermostats save a significant amount of money as you don’t have to keep your home a consistent temperature when it is unoccupied and he was saying that they can alert to filter problems which is great.  I am terrible about remembering to change the filter and this way, when it was clogged, I would know and be reminded.  I am going to call my HVAC dealer and look into this for my house too.  I don’t need the most expensive model and I will be sure not to bore people with stories about it either.  I think this is a great invention and if more people had it in their homes it would save energy across the country.  Maybe, there are even tax breaks for investing in a more energy efficient thermostat.  I will have to look into that as well.  Now, that, would be something to brag to people about.  I love telling people when I save money.  Not so much when I spend it!.  

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