thermostat and HVAC are not right

I was excited to move to a brand new location last month. I was moving all of my belongings to the northeast to be closer to my extended family. I hired a moving company so that I could come home to my brand new apartment and just enjoy my central heating. I had planned to move in the middle of December, which I ended up greatly regretting. The transport still went unquestionably smoothly, and I was able to run errands all morning, so that I could come home that night and just relax… By the time I was able to get home, it was dark out, and I knew the temperature outside was dropping abruptly. I ran inside and turned the thermostat to 82 degrees. The central heating had been off all morning since the door was open with the movers coming in and out, so I wondered how long it would take to heat up. I decided to take a long, steaming shower with hopes that by the time I got out, it would be hot inside. When I stepped outside the shower, it somehow felt even colder than it was when I got into the lavatory. I checked the thermostat and although, the heat was still set to 82, the temperature inside had gone down a degree. The air unquestionably felt cool and not hot at all. I checked the vents and had the same problem. I wasn’t sure what could be the problem. I tried doing an internet search on what the issue could be, since it was too late to contact the property; After spending time reading way too several articles, our best guess was that it had not had a tune-up for the year and something was not working properly. My first night was unquestionably not going to be my best.

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